All-Inclusive Rental Management Services:

Listing Creation & Advertising

We create optimized listings with professional photos and advertise your property for maximum exposure.

Daily Pricing Optimization

We actively manage your pricing on a daily basis based on local market demands.

Dispute Resolution

We issue and collect on damage claims as needed using proper protocol and documentation.

On-Site Support

We are the only true South Florida based management company. We can be your eyes and ears and maintain your home like our own.

Restock Household Items

Never run out of toilet paper, soap, or other home essentials. We restock your home, at no extra cost to you.

Real Estate & Investment Services

We are realtors and South Florida market experts. We can help you with your investment in terms of financial planning.

24/7 Guest Communication

Never lose a booking due to slow response time. We are always on call for our guests and our owners.

Cleaning & Inspections

We schedule cleanings with our trusted partners and perform comprehensive inspections before each check-in.

5-star service

Through quality assurance and our personal touch, The Property Hostess goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service guest hosting.

Guest Vetting

We have the tool set and screening measures in place to make sure your home stays safe.

Basic Maintenance

The Property Hostess handles basic maintenance tasks (change lightbulbs, air filter). For major issues, we coordinate with the right service crew to solve them.

Financing Solutions

As licensed Mortgage Loan Originators, The Property Hostess can source funds for your real estate purchase, or refinance your current loan.

We are a team of South Florida rental experts delivering efficient, affordable, full service management.

How Do We Take the Extra Mile?

Legal Assurance

The Short Term Rental Industry in South Florida faces many regulatory obstacles. We know the code and we know how to comply to avoid any expensive mistakes. We are the only management service that walks you through the measures necessary to abide by the legal regulations imposed by your county, city, and neighborhood.


Home Guides are manuals for important information about your home amenities, like wi-fi, TV, thermostat, parking, recycling, etc. They are an incredible tool for achieving seamless bookings and optimal guest service. Guests are less likely to reach out with trivial questions, and will appreciate the effort. The Property Hostess creates detailed guides for each property we manage and professionally print them for placement in your home.

House Supplies

Your property is not just a place for guests to crash, it is their temporary home. Essentials like soap, coffee, salt, and other supplies are an inexpensive way to attract guests and get a 5-star review. The Property Hostess even creates personalized Welcome Baskets prior to each arrival.

Professional Photos

Pictures are the first thing that draws a potential guest to a listing. They need to provide full coverage of the property and portray a home that is inviting, clean, and aesthetically attractive. The Property Hostess will tastefully stage your home and take professional photos for your listing in the way we know will draw in business.

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