Why Hire
A Property Manager?

Short Term Rentals are redefining Real Estate Investments. Leave it to the experts to not only maximize your profits, but also relieve you of the burden.

Increase Profit

Short term rentals have redefined real estate investment strategy in recent years, allowing owners of vacation homes to earn a significant second source of income. It has become a business. However, a business is only as profitable as its team, efforts, and dedication. A rental property manager’s full time job is maintenance of its owner’s homes and listings. The Property Hostess is consistently adjusting your rental prices with our optimal pricing strategy based on local trends to maximize income and bookings. We are always on top of the market because it is our full time job to do so. We do not allow bookings or potential premium rates to slip through the cracks. Additionally, we are available for guests 24/7 and can provide 5-star service. Therefore, our stellar reviews draw in further bookings for your property, and more bookings = more income!

Decrease Effort

Whether you are local, or managing your property from abroad, maintenance of an Airbnb is taxing to your time and resources. A short term rental property can be a lucrative source of passive income when the reins are handed to the right management company. The Property Hostess offers full-service management, taking care of everything from listing creation to booking turnover to 24/7 guest communication. We do this so you don’t have to and we have become experts in what we do. This is especially beneficial to those owners that live outside of South Florida. They will have on-the-ground, local staff ensuring their property is in the best hands. We are a small team of professionals dedicated to making money for the both of us, while keeping your home safe.

Investment Expansion

It’s no secret that renting a property as a short term rental reaps greater profits than traditional investment properties – if executed correctly. The passive income earned from an Airbnb rental property enables you to purchase more real estate for investment purposes and gain additional streams of income. Running a portfolio of Airbnbs entails high guest turnover and requires coordination and streamlining. It becomes a second full time job. A hands-off approach is convenient, efficient, and practical and The Property Hostess makes it possible. Onboard our team we have realtors, title agents, and even legal counsel at your disposal for all local compliance and regulatory needs (and we all know how important it is in today’s controversial short term rental industry). The Property Hostess has an expert understanding of what it takes to run a successful vacation rental property so that you don’t have to.

Our Partners

Airbnb is among the top rental platforms for short term rental listings. The site has redefined travel since its conception in 2008.


VRBO is among the top rental platforms for short term rental listings. They are commonly used for longer term stays.


HomeAway is among the top rental platforms for short term rental listings. They are commonly used for longer term stays.


We offer all types of Real Estate services, as an agent of Related ISG International Brokerage.


ELRO Law provides The Property Hostess with legal services for your benefit at no extra cost.


New Wave Loans is our preferred hard-money lender. We are licensed mortgage loan originator and can help with your financing needs.


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