More Money, Less Headache

Short term rentals, like Airbnb, can earn a 30% – 50% higher net income than regular leases, but the extra work can be time consuming. Let us manage your short term rental listing while you sit back and reap the profitable benefits.


The Property Hostess offers the widest range of short term rental management services among all our competitors – we challenge you to prove us wrong. And remember, with our commission based fees, we only profit when you profit.

Professional Services

  • **Real Estate Services**
  • (as licensed realtors)
  • **Financing Solutions**
  • (as licensed mortgage originators)
  • **Legal Guidance for local regulatory compliance**
  • (as licensed attorneys)
  • **Closing & Title Services**
  • (as licensed title/closing agents)
  • **Investment Consulting Services**

Full Service

Most Popular
  • * Listing Creation *
  • * Professional Photography *
  • * Restock Home Supplies *
  • * Professional Cleaning *
  • * Guest Screening *
  • * Customized Home-Guide *
  • * Marketing & Advertising *
  • * Instant Inquiry Response *
  • * 24/7 Guest Communication *
  • * Daily Pricing Optimization *
  • * Welcome Baskets *
  • * Home/Furniture Staging *
  • * Maintenance Coordination *
  • * Local Support *

Selective Services

  • Like our services but don’t want them all?
  • We encourage clients to benefit from
  • our Full-Service Package
  • as it maintains quality assurance.
  • However, we can create a
  • custom pricing package
  • suited for your particular needs.
  • Call us to assess your needs.

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The Property Hostess' Instagram stories offer a window into the daily life of an Airbnb management company. Watch the quirks, struggles, and victories of vacation rental hosting. It is also a great way for our clients and owners to keep up with their properties.

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Should I list my property as a Short Term Rental?

In deciding whether you should list your property as a long-term listing or as a short term rental, there are many factors to consider.  Under permitting regulatory environments, Short Term Rentals have become increasingly dominant in the hospitality market, and for a good reason. Get fearless, test a person's results cassino brasileiro online. Property owners...

Which Vacation Rental Platform is Best for your Property?

The Property Hostess has put together an analysis of the top short-term rental platforms to help you choose which ones are worth listing through. The more public exposure your property gets, the more bookings it will see, and in turn, the more income it will generate. Listing your property among different platforms can be very...

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