How it Works

1. Setting Up For Success

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We start by creating a compelling listing using our expert understanding of what the top short term rental platforms and prospective guests are looking for. From professional photos to a personalized home-guide, every aspect of your listing is carefully curated to ensure maximum marketability.


The Property Hostess rises above its competitors by offering regulatory and compliance assistance. Local laws surrounding the short term rental industry can be elusive and confusing. Together with our in-house legal counsel, we make sure that your property is up to code so you do not make any expensive mistakes. This comes at NO extra cost to you.


Your short term rental is then listed among the top short term rental platforms (Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, Tripadvisor, etc.). We post through our highly rated host account so you benefit from our already stellar reviews. As guest inquiries pour in, our call line is active 24/7. Prompt responsiveness can be the difference between securing a booking and losing it.

2. Maximize Your Profits - Consistently

Short term rental listings require consistent upkeep to maximize earning potential. Watch your profits increase, as the time you spend managing your investment property decreases.


With our dynamic pricing strategy, we get granular enough to actively price your rental based on daily demand. This includes regulating gaps in your booking calendar to make sure income isn’t falling through the cracks. South Florida has an especially seasonal real estate market and no company understands it better than we do. It is home to snowbirds in the winter, and to local events (i.e. Art Basel) that galvanize tourism. We leverage our local expertise to price your listing accordingly and heighten your income.



Between each booking, our professional and reliable cleaning staff comes in for a turnover. Our team performs a 10 point inspection prior to each guest arrival. Additionally, we ensure your property is always stocked with the necessities of a home, such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc. These supplies are INCLUDED in our low, yet fully comprehensive 20% commission price! We are the only Airbnb Management Company that does this at no extra cost.

3. A-Z Management & Maintenance

We are a true full-service property management company, handling check-ins, check-outs and everything in between. Turn your investment into a passive income and focus on expanding your portfolio.


The Property Hostess understands that managing your own short term rental listing can be taxing and time consuming. The fear of entering the market often deters owners from this new and lucrative investment strategy. This is why we take the reins. We are local and available at all times, so you don’t have to be.


Don’t pass up the opportunity to earn an additional stream of income. Our streamlined processes allow us to be completely hands on and available at your service. This is especially beneficial to foreign investors that do not live in South Florida and need the local help and guidance.


If you already have an airbnb and would like to expand your investment portfolio but don’t have the bandwidth to do so, we are here for you. The Property Hostess has a team of realtors and short term rental investment experts, as well as legal counsel and financiers.


Sit back and rest assured that we are maximizing your profitability while treating your home like it is our own.

Why Hire Us As Your Property Manager?


The Property Hostess can offer greater market exposure. Play with cassino online gratis We manage multiple short-term investment properties and have made a name for ourselves as reliable hosts. Our account has a consistent 5-star rating, which is necessary if you want your listing at the top of rental platform sites. Additionally, we create a Google Ad campaign specifically for your listing AND present it on our website for added exposure. Greater presence = more quality bookings = more income for you.


Become a competitive force in the short-term rental market. Whether it is through refinancing your property, reducing your bottom line, or simply maintaining better listings and guest services, we help you achieve the highest cap rate the market can support. The Property Hostess actively manages your listing prices according to South Florida’s ever-evolving market needs. We make sure you are always making the most of your rental by consistently maximizing profits.

Peace of Mind

Our full-service rental property management business model was created so that our owners can enjoy maximum earnings with minimum effort. We take full care of your investment property (to the extent that you allow us to) so that you can understand the true meaning of a ‘Passive Income’. Attend to your primary business with peace of mind, knowing your second business is in good hands.

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