Optimized Listings

We create a compelling listing for your property w professional photos & detailed description. Maximize earnings with our expert understanding of what drives guests to book. Plus, leverage our SuperHost status for added visibility.


We get granular enough to actively manage rental rates on a daily basis using seasonality, occupancy, and demand trends. Don’t settle for calendar gaps and underpriced rates. Let us capture the most of the market.


As a result of our 5-star management service, we have tons of repeat, high-end guests. Our rolodex of clients is valuable to our existing and new clients as they can benefit from direct, off-platform bookings.


We handle guest check ins, check-outs, and everything in between. We provide instantaneous responses to guest inquiries, so you never miss a booking. We coordinate cleaning and maintenance with our top local partners. 24/7.


Not sure how to make the most of your investment property? Looking to break into the short term rental space? We leverage our experience to advise and consult based on your individual investment needs. Call today to see how we can help.


We offer full service management so that you can sit back, relax, and collect your check at the end of the month. Our 1-1 relationship with each client allows for transparency, and for you to feel comfortable entrusting us with your property.


Our Clients

Vacation Home Owners

Vacation Home Owners

South Florida is a popular location for vacation and second homes. Therefore, they are only occupied seasonally. You can earn income from your property when you aren’t using it, and just utilize it whenever you’d like. We call this a double dipped ROI since you gain 2 benefits from one investment.

Building Owners

Building Owners

Leverage the short-term rental market to earn premium returns on your entire building. We run full operations and guest turnover so you can earn more income without the extra headache. Maximize earnings on a large scale.



Short term rentals have redefined real estate investments. You can buy a vacation rental property for purely investment purposes and earn a high ROI through premium rental income. With our expert rental market understanding, we can help you find the right one.


Hospitality is an art. 5 star reviews require 5 star service and The Property Hostess provides nothing less for our guests. As we focus on high end properties, we surpass typical management companies with welcome baskets and personal touches. Most importantly, we are available for guest communication 24/7.


Short term rentals can help provide the means to build equity in an investment property and offer a plentiful source of passive income. We are local real estate market, financial, and legal experts. So we know what it takes to create and maintain a profitable investment income.


Like in any profitable business, you must adopt a business mindset. Short term rental management requires high end customer service, streamlined operations, and diligent staff. The Property Hostess can provide that for you to ensure you are always maximizing your profits.

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The Property Hostess' Instagram stories offer a window into the daily life of an Airbnb management company. Watch the quirks, struggles, and victories of vacation rental hosting. It is also a great way for our clients and owners to keep up with their properties.

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4 Benefits to Hiring a Short Term Rental Manager

If you've owned income property, you know that it can be financially rewarding - especially a short term rental. You've also likely discovered that managing your vacation rental requires a large commitment of time and effort. Some owners believe that by managing their own vacation rental, they are saving money and in turn earning more...

Should I list my property as a Short Term Rental?

In deciding whether you should list your property as a long-term listing or as a short term rental, there are many factors to consider.  Under permitting regulatory environments, Short Term Rentals have become increasingly dominant in the hospitality market, and for a good reason. Get fearless, test a person's results cassino brasileiro online. Property owners...

Which Vacation Rental Platform is Best for your Property?

The Property Hostess has put together an analysis of the top short-term rental platforms to help you choose which ones are worth listing through. The more public exposure your property gets, the more bookings it will see, and in turn, the more income it will generate. Listing your property among different platforms can be very...

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